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5 stars. Jzev
This book is truly incredible! It is helpful and inspiring. The app is well worth it!!

Extremely insightful and relatable!
5 stars. LTadlock
This app is fantastic! All of the things that are mentioned within the app, that I've read so far, are so real and down-to-earth, and are therefore extremely helpful in aiding one to recognize the "issues" in one's own relationship. Plus, it doesn't end at recognizing the negative aspects of the relationship, but it goes on to share very realistic ways to help "fix" and change those problems to heal the issues within. Thank you so much for this app!

Use the advise
3 stars. M&R J
If more folks would take this advice and actually use it in their daily lives I think there would be a sharp decline in the divorce rate. The trick is using it.

4 stars. DF Buddy
Makes you think. Allows you to feel. Helps you to love.

Nice app
5 stars. E. Thakur
I like this app and nice to use to think about my relationship. Has good tips on it and messages.
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A couples’ symbiotic relationship

Mar 21, 2012

I recently read a powerful book that had a tremendous impact on the way I view how couples relate to each other.  “The Five Love Languages”, by Dr. Gary Chapman, carefully illustrates how we express and receive love based on how we ourselves process it.  There are five clear languages that couples can identify how they need love expressed to them and, conversely, if they are receiving love in ways that do not match their particular language type then the relationship will might suffer.

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The Effort Dynamic

Mar 05, 2012

We all strive for equality in our lives.  We look for it at work, we demand it in our classrooms and we ask for it in relationships. Gender equality, race equality and opportunity equality for all.  The search is always there.  The need for it is relentless, and should be.  This article examines the equality that we look for in couples’ relationships.  The couple can consist of any type.  This particular examination reflects in every single relationship without any barriers, not age, not gender differences (or sameness) or even race.  This is about who puts in the effort in the relationship and what that efforts means and how it plays out into the dynamic of the couple.


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Can Lovers Be Best Friends?

Feb 09, 2012

For most of my life I had always thought that the best relationships started through a long lasting friendship.  I thought that in order to really know whom you were committing to, you needed the time that a friendship yields, first.  It had to brew and seep like a perfect cup of coffee.  Relationships were doomed otherwise.  That was what I thought.

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The Light in the Midst of Lost Love

Feb 06, 2012

As I sit here writing this article I am in deep thought about my little brother’s current heartbreak over a girl he was with for over a year.  He (like most during this difficult time) looks for ways that this shouldn’t have happened.  Ways that he could make it better, and right…anything to take the pain away.  I have been there.  I found myself counseling him with words of encouragement.  Saying things that helped me get through my own inner agony when I went through heartache years ago.

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Is it the Person or the Package when looking for love….

Jan 11, 2012

I recently wrote an article raising the same questions, I inquired whether it was more important to choose a political candidate with character or a great package to offer the American people. When looking for some one to trust in our government office, do we look for the person? Or the package they have to offer? Perhaps the same questions apply in love.

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The 3 P`s of Dating After Divorce

Nov 30, 2011

Before I share some very important advice, I feel I must give you a bit of background on how and why this advice served me well.  This article is designed to give a basic guideline on some of the most important attributes in looking for a permanent new partner when there are children (minors) involved.

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