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Lost Love will help you identify and focus on the things (big and small) that can slowly tear your love apart - so you know what warning signs to look for and to avoid. Plus, find out how to reignite your bruised relationship.

LOST LOVE: How Couples Grow Apart & How To Reclaim Your Closeness.


Our Story

     In their first book as co-authors, Sarah and Enrique Ruiz share the lessons and observations that brought them each through the ashes of love lost and helped them find each other and build a lasting love.

     After Enrique's failed 25-year marriage and the loss of his 18-year-old daughter, he began to transform his struggles into personal success. He met Sarah while working on a government contract, and today they have found inner peace and a divine love.

     Together they have a united family of seven that is built on love, understanding, clarity, and wisdom. Even with the normal ebb and flow of life, Enrique and Sarah began anew on their own journey to happily ever after. They hope their hard-earned wisdom will help you with yours. May your candle burn bright, all days, for life.




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